I am MQ Naufal, an Indian living in Dubai, UAE. The childhood dream of photography came true only in 2008 when I bought my first DSLR. It all started as a hobby and still continues with great passion. Now, it's more than a hobby. Being an IT professional helps me to some great extend in photography to develop my post-processing skills. 

It's been a exciting journey so far with shooting everything under the sky. Despite being published in few magazines and winning few photography competitions, still feel the goal is not achieved. I am working hard to achieve something unique or set an unique style.  


I love shooting people in conceptual way where the photo can connect to the viewer directly. And I like shooting portraits and city/landscapes.

As a self thought photographer, I am always thankful to the known and unknown photographers around the world who inspired me throughout.

And yeah, most of my photos are lisenced thru Getty Images, iStock and Shutterstock etc..

Compliments, Opinions, Assignments or anything... Send me a message.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
mail: mqnaufal at yahoo.com