Well! Who doesn't like gazing starts in the night sky. Hipnotic! Isn't? Many of us don't know the fact that we can see the spirals of our galaxy Milky Way with the naked eye. Even I came to know only after started photography. All we need is pitch-dark area (zero light pollution) and clear dark sky(New moon day).

These stars which are billion of years old and many thousand light years away, give you some strage closeness feeling when you watch them in that silence. They are our neighbours after all, Isn't?

Yeah, Milky Way photography is the easiest in astro-photography. What we see here is the brightest white streak in our galaxy, which appears in the night only during March, April & May(in this part of the world). Luckily for us this new moon came on weekend. What else we want! ;)

Despite the cloud disturbance for a while, it was awesome experience seeing the galaxy streak and meeting some great photographers.

EXIF: f/2.8, 30 sec, ISO-3200, WB-3200 K