Happy New Year - 2016!

It was quite a bizarre scene out there in the Burj Khalifa downtown on the New Year Eve. Yes, Just couple of hours prior to the big fireworks show an unfortunate fire accident occurred in The Address hotel which is just close to the Burj itself. The fire damaged almost one side of the building but without any casualties. But, it was a painful experience  to  watch a skyscraper being burnt. 

The rescue and fire fighting team did a fantastic job to dose the entire fire within an hour. It was a big surprise for me to see the well behaved crowd, no chaos, no one was running here and there, they were just glued to the place where they were. All were well disciplined. Some of the people who were inside the Dubai Mall and in the fountain area were evacuated and came towards the area where we were. That was the only crowd movement I saw. As millions gathered around the downtown was worried about the fire and despaired about the firework display. Few minutes later, there came the typical Dubai's positive announcement in the media to go ahead with the show as planned. It was a great show though my POV was ruined by the thick smoke from the hotel.